The role and principle of full head welding helmet
The role and principle of full head welding helmet

What is full head welding helmet? full head welding helmet refers to the tool that protects the operator's safety in welding and cutting operations, commonly known as welding cap.

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A, full head welding helmet's role

1, eye protection: double filtering, to avoid the arc generated by ultraviolet and infrared radiation, as well as welding glare on the eyes caused by the injury, to eliminate the occurrence of electro-optical ophthalmia.

2、Facial protection: effectively prevent the operation of the splash and harmful body and other violations of the face, reduce the occurrence of skin burns.

3、Respiratory protection: airflow guidance, effective reduction of harmful gases and dust released from welding caused damage to the body, to prevent the occurrence of pneumoconiosis.

Second, the principle of full head welding helmet

Polymer material, high strength, no light leakage, more suitable for work in the actual environment, different functions can adapt to a variety of working environment needs.

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The full head welding helmet can clearly see the welded workpiece before the arc starts, and the arc starts to darken automatically. The light-controlled welding helmet is a new type of welding helmet that applies light detection technology and liquid crystal technology. The corresponding English translation is AutoDarkeningWeldingHelmet, whose principle is that the internal photoelectric sensing circuit detects the light (mainly infrared or ultraviolet) generated during welding, amplifies it, triggers the liquid crystal control circuit, and applies the corresponding driving signal to the liquid crystal of the mask (transmissive TN liquid crystal) according to the preset light transmission rate. Liquid crystal as a light valve will change its light transmission. It will filter out the infrared as well as ultraviolet light that is harmful to the human eye from electric welding. At the same time, the bright light will be reduced to a weak light that the human eye can tolerate. Compared with the traditional full head welding helmet, it not only protects the health of the operator, but also allows clear observation of the whole welding process. It is an ideal replacement for the traditional full head welding helmet.

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