Can papr respirator for healthcare for sale prevent viruses
Can papr respirator for healthcare for sale prevent viruses

We all know that papr respirator for healthcare is a product of hazy weather, the papr respirator for healthcare currently sold are all certified for haze protection level, and all papr respirator for healthcare manufacturers do not claim that electric masks can achieve medical grade protection, so how to judge whether electric masks can really defend against viruses?

papr respirator for healthcare

First of all, let's understand the type of papr respirator for healthcare. At present, electric masks are roughly divided into the following categories.

 On the basis of the ordinary N95 mask, the fan is added to force the exhaust air to prevent suffocation, typical representative (dew smart mask).

2. Drill a hole in the ordinary N95 mask and install a tube to guide another similar fresh air filtering device to force air to be fed directly into the mask.

3. New design shape, using a principle similar to that of a fresh air machine, filtered with a cartridge, and then the fan forcibly sends air to the mouth and nose to reduce the feeling of suffocating breathing.

We can see that in fact some papr respirator for healthcare is actually essentially an N95 mask, theoretically the protective effect is the same as the N95 mask. However, we suggest that papr respirator for healthcare can be used as an anti-virus mask in general public places, but never in seriously polluted hospitals and other areas, because papr respirator for healthcare are forced air supply or exhaust, which is much stronger than purely breathing with a mask with mouth and nose, and already cannot completely To ensure the integrity of the mask airtight, and papr respirator for healthcare cartridge and other parts of the interface, but also can not guarantee that there is no gap does not leak air.

And papr respirator for healthcare unit price is high, if used in a high-risk environment, cartridge or overall contaminated with viruses, should be discarded, replaced or sterilization treatment, do not treat again to wear but easy to increase the possibility of infection with viruses.

Therefore, papr respirator for healthcare can be used as general protection, especially for the elderly, children and other people with weak lung capacity, but it is not recommended to be brought to hospitals and other high-risk environments.

ZhiDian Lab has done PM2.5 purification tests on some papr respirator for healthcare, and made a grade score for the antiviral ability of the more common types of masks based on the purification results and the structure of the electric masks, the grade score is for reference only and cannot be used as test data.

In short, papr respirator for healthcare is a miniature motor fan installed on a general mask to overcome the disadvantages of poor breathing and suffocation when wearing a mask. The fit of a mask with a fan is a little less tight than a mask with the same parameters, but it is much more comfortable to wear and much more expensive.

P-SH100 Powered Air Purifying Respirator

The papr respirator for healthcare is less effective than the N95 type mask in preventing viruses, but it is still possible to prevent pollen, droplets, bacteria and PM2.5 particles, etc. When buying, you should look at its purification efficiency to meet your needs.

When shopping for a generic size papr respirator for healthcare for sale, generally do not buy a generic size papr respirator for healthcare for sale, buy a size that matches your face shape to reduce the air leakage rate, silicone material is the most comfortable to wear and suitable for long time wear. Because the papr respirator for healthcare on the market is mixed, it is recommended to buy the big brands.

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